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Playing For Comps

First you must get "rated." Tell the pit boss you want to be rated. You will need to show him some ID. He will assess your buy-in (the amount of chips you bought to begin gambling with) or typical bet size to determine whether you are eligible. A floor man will then keep track of your buy-in, your initial bet, and your win-loss ratio. This data will be processed in a computer at the end of the day.

Many casinos (particularly those in Atlantic City) will tell you that they cannot rate you for a typical bet of less than $10 to $25. If this is the case, do not up the size of your bet. It is not worth losing twice as much in order to gain some small freebie. If you do not get rated, you may be eligible for a comp in any case if you are persistent and assertive. You must ask the casino host or the floor man in the pit where you are playing for an appropriate comp, whatever you want and think your betting justifies. It is good psychology to maintain eye contact as you do this, as it is more persuasive.

There will be a casino host specifically dealing with table games or Online Baccarat Games. It is important you strike up a good relationship with these individuals, because it is their job to see that you have fun and come back. Be polite and friendly. Refer to them by their first name, and ask for them when you make a reservation.

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You must thoughtfully set the values of your chips based on the limits, and you must have enough of them to go around. If either of these criteria is not met, the game will slow down as players continually make change with the pot or buy chips from each other. If you have ever played in a casino, you know that the one thing you don't have to worry about is the house running out of chips. Your house should be the same way.
Therefore, when you spend money on chips, you should have a long term outlook and make sure your set can be adapted to most of the poker games you are likely to want to play. To see what I mean, this would be a good time to glance through appendix A, wherein lay out the valuations of chips and buy-ins that work best for various limits.
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