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The Horseshoe, in Las Vegas, was among a number of casinos which have recently been offering a 4 percent commission. Authors such as Victor H. Royer have stated (without reference to any specific casino) that 3 percent commissions are sometimes offered. Frankly, I doubt it. The banker bet would have an average advantage of only 0.16 percent. This is so small as to be hardly worth the casino's while in offering the bet. Nevertheless, the Sahara Sands in Las Vegas went even further than this in 1996 and did away with the commission altogether! Unfortunately, this was only during a very brief promotion. For the lucky players who chanced on it, however, they had 1.23 percent advantage every time they bet on the bank.

A few years back, there were several casinos in Hong Kong, Macao, and Sri Lanka, before the most recent violence there, which offered "happy hours," with no bank commission, on a regular basis. If you should ever find a casino offering reduced or no commission, the table below will help you find out its value. Generally, anything less than 4 percent becomes very appealing from the player's point of view, but it is only likely to exist as a short-term promotion.

Why do casinos offer promotions? Largely as a loss leader, to attract new customers and reward regular players. In truth, the casino doesn't lose much when it does offer a promotion, because most players, rather than sticking all their money on the bank as the math would dictate, follow trending systems which dilute their advantage with unfavorable bets on the player or tie.
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Do I have to use chips
Yes. Poker is played with chips because they are much easier to handle and faster to count than both coins and paper money. Poker games played without chips are awkward and slow.
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