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The most important questions you should ask yourself before playing Online Baccarat Games for the first time are: What type of person am I? and What do I expect from the games?

Apart from "professionals" and cheaters, who are not part of the broad mass of ordinary players, there are mainly two types of player who enter a Online Baccarat Gamess. First, there is the type the casinos would have us believe comprises the only group they are interested in serving-the casual player. He considers himself simply to be taking in a little entertainment, and looks on the money he loses to the house as a fair price to pay for the thrill of gambling, the surrounding finery, and the respect and subservience accorded to him by casino personnel. He occasionally bets big, but plays only for a few hours or so in a week; the casino is merely a part of his social movements. Usually he will not be alone, and he may bring a girlfriend along.

The second type is all too familiar to us: the compulsive gambler. His entire life revolves around the painful extraction of his money in the hours he gets to spend in the casino. He has little or no understanding of probability, and chains himself to the table. He may follow some system, probably similar in character to those mentioned in page 2. He may well have had an initial period of success with his system. Gradually and slowly, he loses his winnings and falls significantly behind. He takes his losses personally; he associates them with personal failings and feelings of inadequacy. He recognizes patterns in the cards where none exist and blindly attempts to follow them. He tries to follow streaks, like most of the literature on Online Baccarat Games informs him to do. He may blame his failure to beat the house on "bad luck" or "lack of discipline."

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Planning a Game
With these factors in mind, I can offer the following advice on game size:

- Four players is the absolute minimum you need to convene a game. If four is all you can muster, you might consider rescheduling your game in the interest of making more efficient use of limited "kitchen passes."

- Six to eight players is the optimum balance between good poker and a good party. Regular casino players enjoy games of this size because they get to play hands more frequently than they normally do.

- Nine or ten players is the size of a typical casino Texas Hold'em or Omaha game. This number is fine for your home game too, but most tables get a little crowded, and the games are limited to Hold'em and Omaha, since there aren't enough cards for other games.

- You can squeeze eleven customers onto one table and play Hold'em and Omaha, but if you are fortunate enough to have more than that, you are in the multi-table realm. You are usually better off running a tournament (see part IV) than hosting two separate live games in this situation. If your turnout is consistently high, you might want to raise the limits of your premier game while spinning off some of the newer or less financially liberated players to a separate "farm" game with lower limits. Sometimes this will happen naturally among players who aren't perfectly comfortable playing in the main event.
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