The casinos use psychology in far more subtle ways and have a number of techniques to relieve you of your cash without your realizing it. Chips look like colored coins-this is not accidental. Coins are thought of as having inconsequential value. Players are encouraged to make a subconscious association with coins, as this will cause them to spend more recklessly. Online Baccarat Games gaming chips are invariably larger than other chips. There is no reason for this except to enhance the atmosphere of the high-rolling mystique that the games evokes.

You will rarely find a clock or windows in a casino. A clock or the rising of the dawn would alert players to the length of time they have spent gambling. This would shake them from the trancelike state induced by the intense fascination of the ritual of Online Baccarat Games. It's very easy to lose track of time in this manner. At times, it's like being at a religious ceremony. The plush womblike atmosphere of the classier casinos (where Online Baccarat Games is usually offered) has a comforting effect on players. It's an unreal world, and leaving the casino is sometimes like a harsh awakening from a dream.   
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Planning a Game
I realize that most readers of this book don't need me to lecture them cm the logistics of hosting a poker game. But bear with me as I share my lessons-learned in this area.

A poker game is much more sensitive to the number of participants than a regular party. Telling everyone that you are having a game and waiting to see who shows up is a good way to sabotage your poker nights, and the effects are cumulative: if even one game fails to come together because of lack of interest, the players who did show up might not come the next time. Your reputation as a poker host is always on the line, so you need a more deliberate invitation process.
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