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Rules Of Play


These rules are printed clearly and available to all participants at the Online Baccarat Games table. The rules are there for the players' convenience, because the dealer acts according to them without consulting the players at the table.

As previously mentioned, the highest total any Online Baccarat Games hand can have is 9. A 9 dealt on the original two cards is called a natural and is an automatic winner, and no further cards are drawn. An 8 is the next best hand and that also is called a natural. If there is no hand equal to or higher than the 8, it is also an automatic winner, without additional cards being drawn.

Should one hand hold a 9 and the other an 8, the higher of the two naturals wins. Should both hands total 9 or both total 8, then it's a tie. All ties are standoffs, and neither bank nor player wins.

With any other total, the rules have to be consulted. You can see that the player never draws when holding a 6-7-8-9. The 9 and 8 are naturals, of course. The 6 and 7 are very strong hands, which might be weakened by drawing an additional card, and that's why they always stand pat.

When a player holds a 1-2-3-4-5-10 (0), he will always draw a card, except if the bank hand holds a natural, in which case the player hand would lose immediately.

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The Player Roster

The point of this brief survey of the American poker population is that you should take advantage of Whatever ability you have to hand-pick a roster for your home game. When looking for participants, broaden your search beyond the circle of players you might already play with. In terms of attributes and dispositions, enthusiastic kiddie poker players and enthusiastic real poker players don't necessarily have much in common. Brand new faces might be more interested in playing authentic poker than some of the guys you've been playing fake poker with for years.
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