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Sequential Shuffle-Tracking

A possible source of profit from Online Baccarat Games is sequential shuffle-tracking, a highly advanced technique that has been passed down by word of mouth through an elite circle of online blackjack games players for the last two decades. It is also known as card-tracking, card location, key-carding, and the signature-card technique. It is based on the nonrandom ness of human shuffling. It is an idea that is simple in concept, but not in practice.

In sloppy shuffles, much card order is preserved from one deck to the next. This means the cards are not broken up properly. Consequently, sequences of cards in the reshuffled deck may occur again in the post shuffled deck. This is particularly the case with eight decks of cards, which are very difficult to randomize by shuffling alone. Recent studies indicate that nine shuffles must be performed for eight decks to be fully randomized, although for Online Baccarat Games this figure is deceptive, owing to the irrelevance of face cards and suits, which means fewer distinct cards to mix up

A sequential tracker observes the cards not as they are dealt, but as they are put into the discard pile. He watches for sequences of cards that are unbroken by the shuffle, so that he can predict which card will appear next. If, for example, he sees the Ace of Clubs, followed by the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Hearts, removed in order in the preshuffled deck, and then sees the Ace of Clubs followed by the Ace of Spades in the postshuffled deck, he knows there is a good chance the Jack of Hearts is likely to follow.

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Try to avoid the poker tables that provide grooves for your chips. I am convinced that tables like this were designed by craps players. Poker players keep their chips in vertical stacks, which don't require anything more than a flat surface, whether it's on a section of the table outside the felt or on the felt itself. God knows why, but circular cutouts for holding drinks are ubiquitous in manufactured poker tables. I even built them into my own table from pure anxiety of departing from the custom. You and your friends will be much better off placing small service trays around the table and using them for drinks, ashtrays, and food.

Finally, don't kill yourself trying to buy or build the kind of poker tables that you see in most casinos and card rooms. They are oblong, with the house dealer stationed at the middle of a long side. Since the deal rotates at a home game, your table should be more Arthurian in nature.
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