Another lucrative, and hitherto unpublished winning technique, is one I call "shuffle-spooking." It is derived from a technique online poker games cheats use, though its use at Online Baccarat Games is both legal and ethical under my interpretation of Nevada and Atlantic City statutes. It will be of particular interest to players with 20/20 vision. Like the previous methods mentioned, you track the shuffle, but this time you do it physically.

Sit to the immediate left or right of the main croupier. These seats are usually unpopular because of their uncomfortably close proximity to casino personnel. Take one, though, because with some dealers (approximately 20 percent) you can often see cards in the shuffle and trace them to where they are dealt. Often dealers arch the cards so high on the riffle that you can see them pass by. Though they will be traveling at a very high speed, it is possible to note the location of a card.

It is easier to determine the presence of face cards, because the pictures register with your eye much more quickly than the numbers on other cards. Since you will only see part of the individual cards as they are shuffled, you should practice recognizing cards by taking a deck of your own and blocking off areas of the card with your hand until you became familiar with its truncated appearance. If you can enhance this aspect of your perception, you will be able to spook the shuffle without looking at it directly, which makes this technique very hard to detect. As an alternative method, it is often helpful to wear a peaked cap or dark glasses to hide your attention to the shuffle, which the majority of ordinary players take no interest in.

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No-Limit Tournament Strategy
Correct play can put you in situations where you have a lot of your chips in the pot-maybe all of them, in fact-with roughly a 1-in-2 shot at winning the hand. It doesn't take many misses in these situations to knock out of the tournament. But you can maximize your chance of taking money away from a tournament by playing with a degree of audacity and precision that transcends that of fixed-limit poker. In fact, strategies for the two types of poker are completely different. As always, there is no formula for success. But the basics I provide here should equip you to outperform most of your home game opponents
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