Shuffling Machines
New machines that shuffle cards automatically have recently been introduced on an experimental basis at mini-Online Baccarat Games in some casinos. When the pack of cards has been dealt, the dealer gathers up the discards and places them inside the machine, where they are shuffled more thoroughly and more quickly than any human dealer could manage. Casinos hire these devices to get more hands dealt per hour by reducing shuffling time. The more hands that are dealt, the more money they make, and the less risk they run. Also, players tend to leave the games during a shuffle. The faster the shuffle, it is less likely players will leave.

The devices do not affect the odds of the games in any way. Players are naturally suspicious of the machines, believing they may be programmed to help the house in some way. It is difficult to see how this could be achieved. In fact, it is more likely that the thorough shuffling creates a game that is more random, and therefore more "honest," than a human shuffle could.

The devices do not appear to be particularly well designed; frequently they jam, and sometimes they break down altogether. The dealers generally hate them, perhaps because they feel they are being replaced. The machines can also ruin the atmosphere. If you do not like playing with a shuffling machine, vote with your wallet and go elsewhere; there are plenty of casinos that do not use them.
Extra Cards and Decks
This tactic can be offset by simply verifying that players turn in the same number of cards as they're dealt, which is easy in the straight-up games that I describe in this book. Also, you should periodically count the deck to make sure it contains all fifty-two cards. All this should be a matter of routine, not only as protection against cheating, but to check for honest misplacement of cards.

Alternatively a cheat could easily take a card out of the deck and toss it under the table, as if it had fallen there by accident. Taking an ace out of an Omaha game would be a particularly effective tactic because it would allow the cheat to play a wider assortment of low hands. Again, this kind of cheating can be thwarted by counting the deck now and then.
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