Super Pan Nine

The deregulation of gambling in California led to the invention of a new and interesting games known as Super Pan Nine. While the games is a recent innovation, it harkens back to the spirit of the older Online Baccarat Gamess. Syndicates have formed in California to challenge the games, depending on their card skill for their advantage, much as the European syndicates formed to take on all-comers with Online Baccarat Games en banque.

The games has two versions, one in which the bank can be held by the players, and one in which the casino is the permanent banker. The games uses six or eight decks stripped of 7s, 8s, 9s, and lOs (face cards are not removed). The players and banker are dealt three cards face down. The players decide whether to draw a fourth card or not, with the object of getting a total as close to 9 as possible. They have complete discretion on whether to draw the fourth card.

Scoring is the same as in other forms of Online Baccarat Games. If a fourth card is drawn, this will be dealt face up. If the casino is banking the games, the house will draw a fourth card if its total is between 0 and 5, but not otherwise. If a player holds the bank, he has the freedom to draw as he wishes. The higher total wins and no money changes hands in the event of a tie. There is a side bet on a tie with a 7 to 1 payoff Players and player-bankers are each paid off at 19 to 20 if they win.

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Marked Cards
There are three easy ways to prevent marked cards from impacting your game:
- As a matter of courtesy to your guests and to preempt any unspoken concerns that you marked cards before the game, you should keep the new decks wrapped and sealed. Open them in front of everyone just before the game starts.
- Replace your decks periodically, at least before every game (unless you are using casino-type plastic cards, of course). Changing them in the middle of a long session is not a bad idea either.
- Keep an eye on the cards during the course of the game. If you can identify a card without seeing its face, correct the discrepancy or replace the deck
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