Table Minimums Maximums
A casino typically will require you to bet at least $20 in order to participate in a game of big table Online Baccarat Games. The maximum may be as little as $1,000 in a real "sawdust" joint, to $20,000 in some of the larger Las Vegas casinos, many of whom will have Online Baccarat Games pits cordoned off for the purpose of catering to the player who wishes to bet at this level.

Whatever the sign posted limit is players can usually make special arrangements to go much higher than this. It's not unheard of for a player to negotiate a $200,000 maximum. From the casino's perspective, the more that is bet the more money they make, but they must also be careful that a fantastic run of good luck for a player does not wipe out their resources (this does happen occasionally). Sometimes groups of highly-paid executives will monopolize a table and all bet on one side. Since they are all betting on the same hand, the casino is effectively running the same risk as if one player was betting the total amount.

To give you an idea of the expected wins and losses casino staff expect, you might be surprised to find that a player winning $250,000 barely raises an eyelid in most of the Las Vegas Strip casinos. Most casino managers instruct their staff to contact them only if a player is winning $1 million or more.
If you have time to prepare for the game, a cheap and fast option is to go to a fabric store and buy a length of fine felt, preferably pool table felt. Many gambling supply stores also sell table felt by the yard. Cut the felt to a size that allows a good overhang, iron the folds out, drape it over an existing table, and try to anchor it underneath with some thumbtacks or elastic fasteners. It's a little sloppy, but it works like a charm.
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