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The Banker’s Best Strategy

The rules given here are not necessarily standard. Often the casino will not allow the banker unlimited choice. Sometimes the player is allowed other options. With this approach, however, and with both players following the best strategy, the player loses at the rate of 1.37 percent. Because of the 5 percent charge on winning bets, the banker loses at the rate of 1.16 percent.
Chemin de fer can be a very exciting and tense games to play, owing to the amount of risk the banker must take on. The banker cannot skim off the profits of a series of winning hands and play with the balance; he has to continue putting up the entire value of the bank. If the bank is faded, the amount risked will double. This means a player who begins by putting up $500 will end up betting $8,000 after four successive wins. As long as the players keep fading, this amount will increase until the banker voluntarily relinquishes the bank.

Naturally, this sort of dramatic increase in stakes is not for the fainthearted. Some people might consider it quite enough excitement to be betting a few thousand dollars, let alone have their stake doubled, quadrupled, and octupled! Nevertheless, it is the nearest thing to a roller-coaster adrenaline fix you will get in a casino.

Some casinos give the banker the option of cutting the bank total in half after three successive wins. This gives the banker the chance to come away with a profit even if the bank hand loses the fourth coup.

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Rotation Instead of Dealer's Choice
. In the rotation system, a player calls the game from among a set of agreed-on choices of real poker games, with kiddie games and rules strictly forbidden. That player deals the game first, and afterward, it goes around the table with each player dealing the same game once.` Inherent positional advantages are thus nullified. When every player has dealt that game, the next player in line to choose the game does so, and the process repeats. Placing some kind of marker, such as a high-value chip color that you aren't using, can identify the original caller of the game. You can even buy plastic "pucks" that have "DEALER" or the names of common games printed on them for this very purpose. (However, any players in your group who are accustomed to casino play will prefer that a "DEALER" puck be placed in front of the current actual dealer, to mark where the betting begins. My group uses a "DEALER" puck to mark the actual dealer and a black chip to mark the player who called the game.)
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