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Given the considerable evolution that Online Baccarat Games has undergone during its long history, it would not be at a11 surprising if the character of the games were once again to alter fundamentally.

In the second edition of his website Hou to Win at Casino Gambling, Henry Tamburin describes an attempt at such an alteration. Recently, a number of casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas (most notably the Sahara and Sands) were experimenting with a form of Online Baccarat Games in which the commission was removed from the bank bet. To compensate for this, the rules were slightly altered: a bank hand total of 4 and a player hand total from 0 to 3 was declared a tie. In another version, only half odds were paid on a winning banker total of 6.

The reason for this was simple. Online Baccarat Games profits have been steadily declining over the last few decades. The commission on the bank hand is known to be unpopular. Moreover, it slows down the pace of the games, and because fewer hands are dealt the casino's profits are reduced. Henry told me that this experiment was unsuccessful. This hardly seems surprising; players would tend to be cautious about a rule they did not understand and which appeared to have no simple logic to it.

I believe I have a better alternative: instead of charging a flat commission on the bank hand, which is effectively a tax and about as enjoyable as being taxed, the casino could declare a loss for the bank on all "natural" ties (i.e., on 8 or 9).
This would give the bank hand just about the same kind of house edge that it enjoys at the present time. The rule would be very similar to the refait in the French card games of trente et quarante, where it has proved to be a popular rule.

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Live Poker Games
In a live poker game, you would have about 3:1 pot odds here, and calling with your 1:2 draw to the nuts would be an easy decision. But when you're considering an all-in call in a tournament, the odds you need to be thinking about are these: It's 2:1 that you 2cill he practically eliminated from the tournament if you call with your draw. Your draw has a positive expected value only in the most myopic formulation of the concept. When you have enough chips to remain competitive in a tournament, you have no reason to risk all your potential prize money on an all-in bet with a 65 percent chance of losing, no matter what your "pot odds" are.
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