The Future
The air of European sophistication about the games would be enhanced by the change, and it would add an element of fun for "hunch" gamblers who like to determine when an event is "due." Moreover, the casino could offer the player other options to increase interest in the games, such as an "insurance" wager against the probability of a tie at 8 or 9, or the en prison rule, used in roulette.
I believe this ought to be a much more attractive option to the punter, and it should increase the pace of the games greatly. Economically, this is very important for the casino, not only in terms of profits but also in the form of reduced risk. Online Baccarat Games revenue fluctuates dramatically because it depends on whether a handful of high rollers or the casino is luckiest in a given month. It is for this reason that Wall Street analysts do not consider Online Baccarat Games when assessing economic trends on the Las Vegas Strip.
Online Baccarat Games is very serious business. In 1995, it was still making $595 million for the Las Vegas Strip, earning twice as much as online blackjack games per table, which is the much more popular games. Nevertheless, these impressive earnings will continue to decline year after year, creating even more volatility, unless remedial action is taken. The decline will be accelerated by the extent of the economic crisis in the Far East, which began at the end of 1997.

What possible relevance could that have for Las Vegas? Well, the majority of high rollers, defined typically as an individual who bets $10,000 a hand, come from Pacific Rim countries. Jack Binion, casino owner extraordinaire, estimated that 90 percent of his Online Baccarat Games high rollers hailed from this region. At this time, it seems that these players may face dramatic reductions both in their numbers and in their disposable incomes as a result of the current Asian recession. Their problem will become a problem for Las Vegas, as well as for other areas which cater specifically to the high roller, such as London, unless the games is altered to become more populist, or a new type of high-stakes bettor emerges.
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