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The History Online Baccarat Games

With Zographos's skill, the Greek Syndicate prospered for more than thirty years; he was capable of memorizing an entire deck of cards, and, at the same time, developed an unparalleled ability to read his opponent's body language. The methods Zographos used are indicative of a prototype card-counting system combined with what is now known as "tell-play". Both methods were not widely understood or explained until long after Zographos's death, in 1953. Zographos left the greatest fortune ever amassed from card playing, equivalent to some $5 million at the time. He once bet one million francs on one hand, when the syndicate's funds were dangerously close to extinction.

On the first deal he received a zero-valued card (the worst card to begin with), the second was the 9 of Diamonds, making a total of 9, a perfect natural. The hand broke the losing streak against the syndicate, and Zographos put the 9 of Diamonds on the pennant on his yacht. By comparison, consider that the great online blackjack games players Lawrence Revere and Ken Uston each won only about $1 million during their lifetimes, and there was substantial inflation in the years separating their eras from that of the Greek Syndicate. Following Zographos's death, the syndicate floundered and was eventually broken in 1957, as two Hollywood film producers, Jack Warner and Darryl Zanuck, with an Englishman, Bob Barnett, won $347,000 when the syndicate lost more than $800,000 in a few days play. An analysis of the last few hands which led to the syndicate's demise suggests that the syndicate banker was seriously lacking in elementary knowledge of the probabilities of the games. With the end of the syndicate, the popularity of high-stakes betting faded for a time; but the syndicate had given, as its legacy to the games that had both made and ruined it, the mystique upon which its allure depends.

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Winning the Blinds
Suited or unsuited AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, K], KT, QJ, and QT. These hands, which constitute the bulk of your normal playable hands before the flop, require more discussion. They should usually be played with a thinning approach: raise if it will help opponents fold, just call if it won't, and be wary of an earlier raiser. Since you are aiming to flop the top pair with a high kicker, a medium strength hand that has its highest expected value heads-up, you want to force out as many opponents as you can initially. This is a simple application of the basic strategy for a pair hand. Winning only the blinds after you raise is a bit disappointing with a hand like AQ, but it's better than letting everyone see the flop cheaply. On the other hand, winning the blinds with something like QT is a pretty good result.
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