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The History Online Baccarat Games

In the 1950s, the center of the gambling world abruptly shifted to Las Vegas. Tentative attempts were made to introduce chemin de fer, without success. Las Vegas glitz and European elegance proved incompatible.

Nevertheless, a version of the games evolved called Punto y Banca. This was first introduced at the famous Mar del Plata casino, in Argentina. The games spread through Latin America to pre-communist Cuba, where it attracted the attention of one Tommy Renzoni, the man responsible for bringing the games from Havana to the Dunes Casino in Las Vegas, in 1959. On the first night the games was introduced the players used cash, and the owners found themselves with a profitable new avenue of gaming revenue on their hands. Renzoni never received credit for introducing the games and remained a casino employee of modest income compared to the players his brainchild attracted. After failed attempts to introduce further games innovations into Vegas and the death of his wife, Renzoni became disillusioned with life. One day he simply walked blindly into the middle of a street and took his own life. His legacy, Punto Banco, gradually replaced the older versions of Online Baccarat Games.

This is the modern form of the games. Americans now simply call the games Online Baccarat Games, or sometimes Online Baccarat Games chemin de fer. It differs from the European forms of the games in that the house banks all the bets, the players may bet on a tie or the bank hand, and standing-and-drawing decisions are not permitted. It is purely a mechanical games.

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Lower Cards is Riskier
It is instructive to think about what particular hands out in the field you want to force to fold. Most important is your need to drive out opponents who threaten to flop a higher pair than you do. You don't have to worry about this type of threat when you hold AK, but if you have QT, for example, you want to try to remove opponents who hold aces and kings and could out-pair you on the flop. You won't be able to force out players holding AJ or KQ> but a raise might persuade an A7 or a K2 to pack it in, protecting you from the appearance of an A or a K on the board if there are no other aces or kings out there. Table 11.1 gives a fairly close estimate of the chance, given that you make the high pair listed, that it will be made with the highest card on the flop. You can see that the chance of flopping the top possible pair when you are holding a king, for example, is much better than when you hold only a jack. That makes thinning the field more important with the lower double high cards than with higher double high cards. The dilemma is that raising with lower cards is riskier, especially in early position. This makes folding the smart play with hands like QJ and JT from early position, even in a small game.
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