The Internet

Recently, there has been much interest in the opening of several on-line "casinos," virtual gaming parlors you can visit without leaving your home and which exist only in cyberspace on your computer screen. For a long time, there have been computer programs created for you to play your favorite casino games, including Online Baccarat Games, but the difference is that you can now play for real money via the Internet.

To join an Internet casino requires you to have computer access and to provide the casino you wish to join with your credit card details. It is for this reason that many people are very suspicious of these organizations. Every time you play a game, your account is debited or credited automatically with the amount that you win or lose.

Naturally, Online Baccarat Games is not the first choice for an Internet casino. Sixty percent of the pleasure of playing Online Baccarat Games is in the ambience the games creates. Obviously, this does not translate too well to a computer screen. It is ridiculous to imagine a tuxedoed high roller obtaining the same pleasure from a computer games with badly animated graphics and irritating blipping noises as he would from the casino games proper. Nevertheless, some casinos do offer the games. Personally, I feel this is a desecration of the spirit of Online Baccarat Games.

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Tightness is usually a virtue, but in a small game, you cannot allow yourself 'to develop an image as a player who routinely folds when confronted with a pre-flop raise. You should respect strength if you sense it, but don't concede your decision to see the flop to your opponents. J1's and JT. The chance of a jack ending up as top pair on the flop and holding up through the turn and the river is low enough that you should no longer play jack-high starting hands with that intention. But the multi-way potential of JTs makes it playable with a limping approach. Beware of JT: it is much weaker than JTs. In fact, I could not find any reasonable game conditions in which it showed a profit on average in simulations. JT is a hand for the button or blinds only.
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