The Martingale
Contrary to popular belief, table maximums don't prevent Martingales from working, nor, for that matter, any other progression system. If you encounter a streak of sufficient length to take you above the table maximum of the casino you are playing, you can simply go to a casino with a higher maximum. Binion's Horseshoe has stated publicly that it will accept a bet of pretty much any size. No-limit games can still be found in Monte Carlo, and many casinos will go significantly higher than the table maximum with a little negotiation, especially once they have established that you are using a Martingale system. You can get a friend or friends to bet your money for you on another spot, which is a cunning way of betting above the table maximums without changing the odds. Of course, if your losing streak becomes sufficiently long that you have to start betting in the trillions, no one will accept your bet, as the amount of money in the world is limited.

It's not necessary to go to such extremes, though. If a syndicate could form with a capital of $6 billion, they could send out a player to use the Martingale system at Online Baccarat Games, preferably betting on the bank on every hand, and be reasonably sure that the syndicate would never even come close to losing its total capital during the natural life span of its members (be thankful I'm not inflicting the math on you here). The return on investment, though, would be absolutely paltry in percentage terms, and, in fact, the syndicate would lose money, as its winnings would be more than outstripped by inflation.

Consider, also, that there is no such thing as a limit to a streak. It's not impossible for the player or bank hand to win ten thousand hands in a row. It's fantastically unlikely, and will probably never occur during the life of the human race, but it is possible.
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Basic Strategy
Most draws are pot draws, and your basic strategy will be to check/call, as long as your odds justify it, until your hand gets made. You may also find yourself with a betting draw once in a while, which makes it correct for you to bet and raise on the come. The most common draws after the flop are
? Flush draw: This will happen most frequently when you call before the flop with suited cards, such as A 1l T r , and the flop is something like K 1l8 • 21l . You would have a nut Rush draw in this example, since you would make the highest possible flush with your ace if 'a heart came on the turn or river.
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