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Mathematics Of Online Baccarat Games


Most players of the games are woefully ignorant of the mathematics and odds involved in Online Baccarat Games. Many shy away from betting on bank, because they feel that the 5 percent commission the house extracts on winning bets gives the casino a 5 percent edge on these wagers. This isn't the case, and for the benefit of serious Online Baccarat Games players here is the breakdown of wins and losses of both bank and player hands, showing the house advantage for both bets and taking into account the 5 percent collected by the house on all winning bank bets.

Bank wins 50.68 percent of all bets.
Bank loses 49.32 percent of all bets.
Since the bank wins only 95¢ on its wins and loses the full $1 on its losses, the exact winning percentage and house edge is as follows:
Bank loses $1.00 x 49.32 = $49.32
Bank wins $0.95 x 50.68 = $48.15
Bank net loss = $ 1.17

The casino has a 1.17 percent edge on its bank bet.
The player bet gets paid off at even money without any commissions due the house. However, this bet wins fewer times than the bank wager.

Player wins 49.32 percent of all bets.
Player loses 50.68 percent of all bets.

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Omaha High/Low 8-or-Better
It appears to be not much more than "Texas Hold'em High/Low," but the two games are very different. At the most basic level, the rule on using exactly two hole cards trips up new players, and beginners frequently botch pots by incorrectly reading their hands. (Heck, it's not unusual to see a professional incorrectly reading misread a hand!) Beyond that, many players are unaware of the strategic principles of the game and tend to evaluate the strength of their hands-particularly draws-in terms of Texas Hold'em. This tendency leads many beginners to call with many more hands than they should after the flop, which sets them up for expensive second- or third-place finishes. As you'll soon see, Omaha-8 strategy is based on drawing to nut hands.
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