The Packer Method

During Christmas 1996, Kerry Packer and ten Asian acquaintances descended on Las Vegas. Shortly afterward, the group walked away with $22 million. They were credited with contributing to a 19 percent drop in quarterly profits at the Hilton Hotel Corporation, resulting in shares dropping 11 cents. They did it by playing $250,000 Online Baccarat Games hands. After draining the Hilton, Packer and his associates moved on to the Mirage casino and came away with another $2 million.

Packer, an Australian media baron vvho owns a share of casinos inSydney and Melbourne, is a celebrated gambler. How did he do it? Has he discovered the secret of winning Online Baccarat Games? No, not really. Packer's win, while huge by the standards of ordinary gamblers, is unsurprising considering the stakes he plays for. While the casinos have the advantage when they play against him, even their resources are dwarfed by his own. Packer's personal fortune is estimated at $15 billion, which guarantees him an instant line of credit at any casino. As one Las Vegas boss who has refused to allow Packer to play put it, "If you let him dictate the terms, you are gambling like any other sucker-but for millions invested by stockholder's against a billionaire's pocket money."

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Bringing Your Friends Along
There are some other passages in the New Testament that lead me to the firm conclusion that Jesus would have been an enthusiastic poker player, and come to think of it, the guy who produced those four eights in Vegas looked a little like him. But I will leave theological discussions of poker to a future volume.

I think what this scripture means is that people find it easier to be inspired by strangers than by their peers. A friendship is a relationship of mutual respect. If you try to tell a friend about a new idea, that person cannot accept that idea without conceding some authority to you, at least in that specific area. That's hard for some people to do, especially if they are kiddie players who hold their poker "skills" in high regard.
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