The Packer Method

Packer's technique is to bet high for short periods of perhaps two to three hours over several days, in contrast to the marathon sessions favored by most big spenders. The moment he edges ahead he quits. This is crucial to his success. If a player chains himself to the tables, the casino will eventually grind him down; but a player is likely to have runs of luck in the short term, and is virtually certain to be winning at some paint. Packer's limitless resources mean there is no possibility of him being ruined by an adverse streak of bad luck.

Unfortunately for him, Packer's winnings are small when contrasted to his total wealth. It would be the equivalent of you or me going into a casino and walking out with $10 or $20. You can, nevertheless, borrow elements of Packer's successful strategy. Never overbet your bankroll, and do not play for long periods. That way you will limit your losses and likely stay a winner in the short term. Of course, to make real money in Online Baccarat Games we have to use something altogether more potent.

Incidentally, should you ever spot a whale such as Packer dropping a fortune, you have a rare and very valuable opportunity to beat the system-not at Online Baccarat Games, however, but at the only serious gambling games on earth whose stakes exceed that of Online Baccarat Games-the stock market. If the amounts lost by a high roller are significant compared to the total wealth of the casino chain, the value of the company will soar and you will have an opportunity to invest in the organization before this becomes common knowledge. Note: this is not insider trading; it's perfectly legal and ethical. It also gives you the great satisfaction of making money out of a millionaire's bad luck.

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Playing the Low
The perfect low hand scenario is to hold A-2 and have the flop provide three unique cards between three and eight, giving you the nuts. The turn and the river are high cards, allowing you to play the entire hand with a lock on half the pot. If only poker were that simple.

The problem is that the board usually doesn't cooperate. The flop will sometimes shut ,-on out of the low immediately by containing three high cards or pairing up your low cards. That's disappointing when you started out with a promising low hand, but at least it makes your decision to abandon the low easy.

Things become more interesting when two unique low cards appear on the flop, putting you on a draw to a low.
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