The "Perfect" Bet

Another simple idea, which I'm sure many players must have considered, is expressed in Roger Gros's How to Win at Casino gambling (1993). It was the suggestion of an anonymous Online Baccarat Games supervisor in Atlantic City in the late 1970s. Gros elaborates:

Since face cards and l0s are worth nothing in Online Baccarat Games, this supervisor suggested that if you could count all the cards that are dealt in Online Baccarat Games and determine that all the cards remaining when the yellow card appears are l0s or face cards, you know a nothing-nothing tie will be declared on the last hand. A player with that knowledge could then place the maximum bet on the tie. . . The problem is that the odds on the final ten or fifteen cards being all l0s or face cards are pretty high.

Very high, in fact. With eight cards remaining, the most optimistic level of penetration you are likely to receive, the chance of only l0s and face cards remaining, is less than .007 of 1 percent. In a real games, of course, the number of cards cut out of play, or burned, will typically be more than this. This makes this improbable event a negligible second order possibility. With sixteen cards remaining, for example, the event will occur every few hundred million times, or every couple of ice ages. Moreover, Gros doesn't explain how you might actually go about determining when this wildly unlikely situation might arise. This is fairly simple, though; there are 288 non-ten-valued cards in the deck. Note down a notch on your scorecard every time you see a card other than ten, and when you reach 288, only l0s remain.

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A Parting Shot on Omaha-8
If you have a (rood understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of hands after the flop and you have the discipline to drop draws that you know are unwise, seeing the flop for one low bet can be a great value with a lot more hands than standard guidance allows you to call with.

Under these circumstances, I stick pretty close to the low hand criteria, but I will loosen up a good bit by play4ng any hand containing a single t«70-card combination that could plausibly make a nut high. A suited ace, two cards above ten, AA, or KK are good enough. With fewer options than the better starting hands provide, I might not have good chances of flopping a nut draw-the pocket pairs in particular are long shots, because they must hit a set-and I flop multiple draws less often. I go a long time between pots. But when the flop hits me, I tend to get a lot of action from opponents drawing to the second- or third-nut who will pay me off with lower flushes, straights, sets, or, best of all, full houses. When the flop doesn't hit me just right, I fold, telling myself not to make the mistake that I count on my opponents making. As long as seeing the flop remains cheap, this appears to be a good wav to loosen up at this kind of game
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