The "Perfect" Bet

To find such clumsy dealers is not easy. To make money consistently you will need a team to scout for such opportunities. I have found that female dealers with small hands are most likely to make this error. You will usually only be able to see the cards at a certain angle, so your seating position will be crucial. This will vary from dealer to dealer.

Alternatively, you can place an agent, or "spook," directly behind the dealer, who can then signal to you the value of the burn cards dealt. This practice is currently a legal grey area in Nevada, though it may not be elsewhere. Depending on the number of cards you can "spook," you will be able to spread your bet less dramatically than would normally be the case. If you can see all the burn cards, a 1 to 10 bet spread will be sufficient to generate attractive profits.

Another method is to abandon any games in which an excess number of l0s have been dealt. This method is known as back-counting, or "Wonging" (after the master gambler Stanford Wong, who first popularized this technique at the online blackjack games tables). Tens play a crucial role in the very large advantages it is possible to get on the last hand. If a lot of l0s have already been dealt, your chance of getting a favorable wager on the tie is very small, and you are probably wasting your time continuing to play through the shoe. My recommendation would be to abandon any games where the ratio of l0s to other cards falls below .30, more or less the initial ratio of lOs to other cards in the deck. This will significantly boost your expected value per shoe by almost double the figures given by Griffin. It does mean, however, abandoning games, probably more than might be considered practical.

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When Do You Have to Show Your Cards?
The player whose bet/raise was called last (or the first player in the rotation if no bet was made) has to show his cards first. The showing of hands then rotates around the table, with players who can beat the preceding hand(s) showing their cards. Players who can't beat the best hand showing can show their cards if they want to; however, it is customary to allow players to throw in their hands face down if they have lost and don't want to reveal what they had.
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