The "Perfect" Bet

It may be possible to determine a better method of knowing when to leave the games, for example, by determining that the number of cards remaining for each denomination at each stage of the deck are not sufficiently different from their expected values to suggest the possibility of a favorable tie wager at the conclusion of the shoe. But this is a task for future generations
In summary, it is certainly possible to make money at Online Baccarat Games by card-counting if you are prepared to undertake a great deal of study, are adequately financed, possessed of great powers of concentration, and able to bet from the table minimum to the table maximum without attracting attention-but you might well be better off using those qualities to make a fortune elsewhere.

For the expert player in the most favorable games, it certainly would be possible to break even, or maybe make small profits. He could then enjoy free casino complimentary for the rest of his days. Even to break even, however, requires at least a spread of 1 to 30 (in a six-deck games, assuming every hand is played). This requires a huge bankroll. Moreover, the slightest mistake will obliterate your advantage. Also, there is no easy way to hide an increase in your bets by a factor of thirty on the last hand. This will undoubtedly cause suspicion on the part of the casino-and favorable bets are very, very rare.

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The chips you use have a critical functional role in facilitating a good game. You must thoughtfully set the values of your chips based on the limits, and you must have enough of them to go around. If either of these criteria is not met, the game will slow down as players continually make change with the pot or buy chips from each other. If you have ever played in a casino, you know that the one thing you don't have to worry about is the house running out of chips. Your house should be the same way.
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