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After all bets are made, the standing dealer, known as the callman, will nod to the holder of the shoe, who will then slide out a card. This first card is the player's. It will be dealt out face down and passed along to the dealer, who will either hold it until he gets the other player's card or immediately give it to the gambler with the largest bet on player.

This is merely a ritualistic move. The player hand could be given to anyone at the table betting on player, or it could be handled by the dealer himself. In fact, when there are no bets out on the layout on player, it is the dealer who handles the player cards. The holder of the shoe may bet on the player hand if he so wishes.

A second card is slid out of the shoe and placed to one side by the holder of the shoe. This is the bank's first card. Then a third card is slid out and pushed to the dealer who gives it to the same player bettor. A final fourth card is slid out, and this is the bank's second card. The card is placed with the first card put to one side by the holder of the shoe.

At this moment, no one knows the value of the cards just dealt. It is considered bad form for either the holder of the shoe or the bettor representing the player hand to look at the cards before all four have been dealt out of the shoe.

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How to Lose

Kiddies card groups can certainly see their fair share of ruffled feathers. But people who play real poker usually care about winning and can become upset when they don't, more often than they would in a game that they know is a lottery. Ironically, it is when a real poker game seems to be a lottery that many players become the most upset. This usually isn't about money exactly; its usually about being unable to succeed in a game at which they aspire to be successful.

This stress can be a good thing if it motivates you to analyze your game and try to improve it. When you first start playing, getting feedback from your results and trying to figure out what basic problems you must fix is absolutely critical. That feedback loop never really goes away, but as you gain experience, it will result in fine-tuning more often than major repairs.
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