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At this moment, no one knows the value of the cards just dealt. It is considered bad form for either the holder of the shoe or the bettor representing the player hand to look at the cards before all four have been dealt out of the shoe.

The dealer now calls for the player's cards. The player first looks at them and either hands them or flings them to the dealer, depending upon his position at the table or his mood.

The dealer takes the cards and then places them together face up in the player's hand area of the layout and calls out their total. If he has been given the jack and 3, for example, he'll say, "Player has 3" or words to that effect.

Now the holder of the shoe examines his cards, which is the bank hand, and passes these cards along to the standing dealer, who places them face up in the bank's hand area of the layout and announces their total. If he had been given the king and 4, he'd say, "Bank has 4."

At this moment, the rules printed on the cards go into effect. Since player has 3, he must draw another card. The dealer then says, "Card for player," and this request is answered by the holder of the shoe, who will slide another card out. This card is passed to the dealer face down. The dealer then passes it unseen to the player bettor, who then turns it over and returns it to the dealer. Let's assume this drawn card is a 9.

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Mishandled Hands and Cards After the Deal

Saying "protect your hand" to the offending player loud enough for everyone to hear is sufficient for that purpose. The compromised hand remains live and the player doesn't have to show it to everyone, unless he folds, in which case every player is entitled to see it before it goes into the muck pile. In most cases, either the player who flashed his hand or the player who saw it will fold pretty quickly, which tends to reestablish equity. If the same player repeatedly fails to conceal his hand, then you must start treating it as an intentional exposure, which extends less protection to the guilty party.
The reason for the harsher treatment for intentionally exposed hands is that they deliberately taint the fairness of the game. They can also be a component of cheating.
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