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After this sample round of play the same person would still be holding the shoe, for the bank hand had won. Only when the player hand wins does the shoe move on: otherwise it remains in the hands of the same gambler, who must bet bank and whose cards represent the bank at the table.

Most Online Baccarat Gamess are played with eight full decks, though some are played with six decks. The casino prefers the eight-deck games because there are fewer pauses for reshuffling, and therefore more hands can be dealt per shift. Whether a six- or eight-deck games is played is of little matter to the players, though the odds differ fractionally between the two games.

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Anyone who has played cards on a hard surface knows that shuffling can be difficult(especially with a new (deck ), and the only ways to pick up cards are to squeeze them between your fingernails or slide them to the edge of the table, both of which will mark up and wear out a deck in no time. This is not a minor issue over a six+ hour session; playing poker on a hard surface is fatiguing to players-even though most won't perceive it-and will lead to shorter and less relaxing games. A hard surface is also harder on your chips.

In an emergency , a thick, heavy , wrinkle-free tablecloth is usually better than a naked hard surface. The cloth will provide just enough give to allow players to get their fingertips under the cards on the table, vastly easing the workload of handling cards and speeding up the entire game. Thin or flimsy tablecloths aren't worth the effort. Use a solid dark color. Avoid patterns, because they make chips and cards difficult to see; after a few hands, your guests will complain about eye fatigue as they begin to see 3-D images of sharks beneath the surface of the table.
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