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Online Baccarat Games is now played with casino chips, using the standard denominations of $5, $25, and $100 chips. In the bigger games $500 chips may also be used.

If you wish to play Online Baccarat Games, don't be put off by the roped off area, the tuxedoed dealers, or the women sitting at the table. If you've never played the games before, it might be more comfortable to pick a table that has several players already there, with the games in full swing.

After you've selected a seat, change your cash for casino chips. If the limits are $20 to $2,000, you won't be permitted to make any wagers for less than $20, and you'll find that very few players bet $20 or use $5 chips. Most of the action will be with $25 and $100 chips.

Should you arrive at the table when the cards are being reshuffled, you'll see one of the ancient rituals of Online Baccarat Games. The cards will be elaborately cut and mixed and then remixed by all three dealers, and then given to one of the players to be cut. To cut the cards, the player will be given a colored plastic insert to place somewhere in the cards just shuffled. The cards are then separated at this point, and the top card is turned face up. If the card is a 9, for example, the dealer will then remove nine cards from the deck without showing their faces to the players. These cards are dropped into the discard slot, and this is called burning the cards. The remainder of the decks are placed in the shoe and the plastic insert is then placed approximately three-quarters of the way into the decks.

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The best chips must be custom-ordered, and they run at around $1 apiece. A set of these is a lifetime investment. An artfully designed set in a walnut rack is a beautiful appointment to your game room or living room. Playing poker with them is a real pleasure-especially if you're winning. You should buy a good portable carrying case for these babies, since they will be requested when the game is at someone else's place. An additional benefit of custom clay chips, which matters more if -,,on go to higher limits, is that they are almost impossible to counterfeit.
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