The Secret Wager

For the player who's not interested in just minimizing losses, but wants to pull off a spectacular coup (perhaps using the maximum boldness strategy suggested in page 2), knowing how to count cards will allow him to place a bet when the house advantage is nonexistent, or, provided he is patient, when he actually has the edge. Wait until the count has become very positive or very negative, above or below at least 20. The more extreme the count the higher your advantage. Such situations aren't all that common; this will probably only ever occur in the last few hands of a shoe. Depending on how fast the games is dealt, how many decks are used, and how many cards are dealt, you might have four to ten opportunities in an eight-hour day. In this situation, you will have a very slight advantage over the casino (somewhere between 0.1 and 0.5 percent). You can then place a wager of whatever size you want with the knowledge that chance is on your side. This is the only casino games in whi-h you would be able to do this. Other games, such as roulette and craps, never give you an advantage. A online blackjack games player can detect situations in which he has the edge over the house, but to prevent detection he must not raise his bet too drastically, or he will be thrown out of the casino. This won't happen to you at Online Baccarat Games, since very few people know how to count cards at this games.

Finally, in a game with a 4 percent commission (or less), counting cards is not worthwhile. In this situation, the player bet will only very rarely be more favorable than the banker.

Short-Handed Play
With only a few players left, your starting requirements are wide open now, so your poker play should be loose and aggressive before the flop. After the flop, the realities of the cards are overwhelmed by the perceptions and psychologies of the players, making deception and aggressiveness crucial. Put on your best poker performance and have fun going after the big prize.

A no-limit Hold'em match among a handful of good players is an amazing sight to behold. Human factors become preeminent, and mathematics recedes into near trivial significance. The hands that these players play with-and win with-defy everything that you know about good basic strategy. That is because the decisions that these players make have very little to do with any math and depend almost entirely on what they think their opponents will do in specific situations.' The bluffs become more audacious, and deception gets integrated into every decision that is made. Finally, because so much can be at stake with the fall of a single card, luck often plays a large role in crowning the winner.
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