In both versions of Online Baccarat Games it is customary to tip, or "toke," the dealer(s) when you leave the table or after a series of big wins. How much is up to you. Generally, the table minimum is the least you can get away with, but don't tip if you feel the dealer has been in any way discourteous or intimidating, or appears to enjoy seeing players lose. If you have received good service, however, it is in your interest to encourage the service to continue at the same high standard.

The casino personnel understand that you are less likely to tip after a losing session. By the same token, the dealers expect you to tip heavily after a big win. Personally, I don't agree with this logic. My money is my money. The games is the games. Unless the dealers are cheating the house for my benefit, they should have no say in whether I win or whether I lose. My sole criterion for tipping is to do so when the casino personnel have made my gambling more enjoyable.

The dealers derive a large part of their income from tips. Tipping is pretty much customary the world over. The exception is in England, where tipping is forbidden by law. In other parts of Europe, such as Germany, dealers may not receive a salary and derive their sole income from tips. In these countries you may find that if you do not tip generously the dealers will simply get up and leave the table.

Tipping, in effect, adds to the house edge against you. Tipping a few average-size bets every hour will double the casino advantage and jeopardize your bankroll. Because of this, you should be very wary of over tipping. In the larger casinos, don't worry about it too much; dealers in the Online Baccarat Games pit are usually pretty well paid.
Additional Rules For Flop Games
l. Exposed burn cards: A card that should be burned but is mistakenly dealt face-tzp to the board is still the burn card: it is simply shown to all players and discarded, and the correct card is dealt in its place to the board.
2. Premature cards:
a. If the flop is dealt before the initial betting round is complete, the cards are shown to all players and reshuffled back into the deck after the betting is complete. The flop is then re-dealt without another burn.
b. if' the dealer mistaken] a° flops more than three cards, the entire flop must be re-dealt as above, unless the dealer delivers the flop by dealing individual cards to the board, in which case the fourth card counts as the burn for the turn.
c. If the turn card is dealt before betting is complete, it is set aside, another card is burned, and the next card is dealt as the turn. The erroneous card is them reshuffled back into the deck and the river is dealt without u hill-11.
d. Ii the river card is dealt before betting is complete, it is reshuffled hack into the deck after betting is complete. The river is then dealt without it burn.
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