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Tournament Online Baccarat Games

A development of interest to Online Baccarat Games players has been the emergence of the tournament. This offers gamblers the chance to play against each other, rather than the house. In theory, this means a skilled player could consistently win money.

Typically players "buy in" the tournament for a certain amount of money. They are usually given nonnegotiable "fantasy chips" in return, or they must sometimes take that amount of their own cash into the games. In either case, every tournament entrant will have exactly the same amount to begin with. Then the entrants will play Online Baccarat Games in small groups, against the dealer, using all the rules as in ordinary Online Baccarat Games. Players take turns in betting first, as the knowledge of how other players have bet is useful information. The object is to have the most cash at the end of the "round"-a fixed amount of time or number of hands. The winners compete on through successive rounds in a process of gradual elimination until an overall victor has been established .
Before entering a tournament, it is always advisable to find out how much of the players' buy-in fees are returned in the form of prizes. In some cases, this may be 100 percent. Obviously, for the player seeking to make money, the higher percentage, the better. For a tournament, a player's strategy must be very different from what it would be in a normal games. Generally, the tournament will not last very long, probably not to the end of the shoe. This rules out strategies such as card-counting, which will have virtually no effect in the short term. A good strategy is to bet big until you gain the lead, and then small as your opponents try to catch up. To get into the lead, it is often necessary to bet on the tie. As we have seen, the tie is a much less favorable bet than the bank or the player, but because of the 9 to 1 payoff, if you should hit on a lucky sequence of ties and are betting heavily, you will be very difficult to catch. Syndicates of tie bettors have been known to walk out of tourneys with the big prizes on a regular basis. At the beginning of the games, you want to "maximize variance," i.e., give yourself the best chance of a big win even at the expense of a greater chance of losing heavily, since there is no prize for second place.

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Missed Blinds
A player who steps away form the game owes the first dealer ante or blinds that come to his position. The payments are taken from the player's stack and the position will have a dead button. The position may be dealt cards so that the player can play the hand if he returns in time. In any case, after the first blinds or ante are taken and the button moves past, the player owes nothing more to the pot and subsequent blinds and antes pass his position. The player may reenter the game at am time he chooses without posting, except that he cannot enter the game in the small blind or dealer positions.
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