In casinos where the cards are not changed regularly, the cards will get bent, cut, and generally beat-up after a few hours use. The cards develop "warps" from players handling them and can even be torn. The card edges can get frayed from being dragged along the surface of the felt by the dealer, which eventually causes them to split into layers. The physical condition of the cards can also deteriorate rapidly in humid climates. Sometimes, cards are simply manufactured with some slight defect.

An observant player can use this knowledge to his advantage if he notices the back of a card has no uniform characteristics as it is waiting to be dealt. Note, this is not the same as playing with marked cards, which is illegal. The player is merely taking advantage of the games conditions as they are offered

Not Ready to Shell Out Five Bills for Chips?
Try to avoid plastic; even the heavy ones feel cheap. And if you're thinking of getting the relatively expensive pastel edge-spotted clay chips printed with "Viva Las Vegas!" or something like that, make sure you investigate the custom clay chips option, which will only cost you a couple hundred more and will be much less obnoxious. If that is still too much of a capital investment, you can be a total cheapskate and stock up on the thin plastic chips that you find at the drugstore for a few bucks. If you're lucky , you may even be able to find a value-pack that includes two decks of cards!!! you'll just have to hope that no one gets the bright idea of going to the drugstore on his own and buying $100 worth of your chips for 8:3.99.

Obviously you can make the colors and designs on your chips anything you want. But you will make it easier on your players if you honor the conventional order of chip colors in casinos. This order, from small to large, is white (or often blue), red, green, black, and purple. Again, the actual values, and even the order of the colors, will change depending on the game you are playing. But you have to choose some color scheme, and a 500-chip set following a traditional configuration of 325 white, 100 red, 50 green, and 25 black will serve you well.
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