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Winning Online Baccarat Games Systems


The following methods of betting put all these factors to good use. We'll use the bank bet as the basic wager and try to take advantage of winning streaks on that side of the layout. When playing Online Baccarat Games, it's very easy to keep track of winning and losing bets on a scorecard furnished either by the house, or supplied by the player himself. The games is a leisurely one, and there's plenty of time to make the proper notations.

The card can be quite simply set up, showing bank, player, tie, and bet, and whether or not it was a winner or loser. The average card or sheet could look like this:

Bank Player Tie Bet Won or Lost
x $20 W
x $20 W
x $20 L
x $20 ---
x $20 W

In the above illustration there was no use of a progressive betting system, merely a notation of wins and losses, using $20 sat bets.

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ][ 7 ]

Three Low Cards

If you were to hold A-2-3-T and the same flop of 5-7-J came up, there would now be six ranks of cards that help you: three ranks of "clean" low cards (4, 6, and 8), and three ranks of matches to your low hole cards (you can withstand the board pairing one of them). That equates to twenty-one outs-almost half the deck-and a 72 percent chance of completing by the river. You would have to be counterfeited by both the turn and the river (less than a 3 percent chance) to take you down to a live card. Moreover, if you make a nut low on the turn with none of your hole cards paired by the board, you can have a lock on the low if your extra low cards give you a redraw to the nut. This often allows you to raise and build up a large pot and is why A-2-3-X is such a better starting low hand than A-2-X-X.
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