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Winning Online Baccarat Games Systems


The second approach is to preserve the win by betting another $30 and continuing with $30 bets until the player hand wins.

Or you might bet $30 on the fourth bet, and if that wins, increase your fifth bet to $35 and add $5 onto each additional bet.

And finally, an effective approach might be to start all over again after three wins, with a $10 bet followed by $30, and then a $60 bet, hoping for another sustained streak. Since no one can foretell when a winning streak might end, these methods all have their merits and pitfalls. An interested player should examine all of these betting methods to find the one that best suits his goals and temperament.

Some players, after two wins, like to nail down their profits, but still want to take advantage of a longer streak, should it occur. They bet in the following units: 1-3-2-6.

The first bet is $5, then the next bet is $15 if the first bet wins. At that point they're ahead $20 minus commissions of $1, for a net win of $19. This kind of player wants to come out ahead even if the next bet is a losing one, so he only bets $10. If that bet wins, he increases his next bet to $30. Should he lose the $30 bet, he'd only be out $1.50, with the chance of winning $47.50 if he had won.

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Straight Draw

Straight draws are much weaker than flush draws, and there are lots of reasons to drop them. There are many levels of nuances here, but they all boil down to assessing your draw with the utmost pessimism:
- First of all, we're talking about outside straight draws or better (see below).
- If the board is paired or triple-suited, check and fold.
- If a low is already possible and you don't have low prospects, check and fold.
- If making your straight would make a low possible and you don't have a good low hand, check and fold.
- If the board allows a flush draw, you can check and call with a draw to a nut straight but not to lower straights. - If none of these hazards are present, you can bet for value with a draw to an ace-high straight.
- Drawing to the low end of a straight is a losing proposition. If making it would put four straight cards on the board, folding is an easy choice.
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