Winning Strategies

Online Baccarat Games en banque may be one of a few games where it is possible to win consistently. This is because the banker's strategy is usually directed towards the side of the table which wagers the most money. Consequently, the best strategy is often to bet on the side of the table which is wagering the least amount of money. The bank will then be playing a less than perfect strategy against your favored hand.

It is better to bet on player two than player one, because player two has the advantage of seeing player one's third card, if one is drawn. If the two players are wagering the same amount of money, the correct strategy on a total of 5 is similar to that used in chemin de fer: draw 82 percent of the time. There are complicated alterations to this strategy when the wagers are uneven, however.

Downton and Lockwood presented a complicated table of best strategies in their article "Computer Studies of Online Baccarat Games II: Online Baccarat Gamesbanque" (Journal of the Royal Statistical Association, 1976), based on different amounts of money wagered. They are not reproduced here, because of their complexity and because a gambler is not in control of the amounts wagered by both sides of the table, and only occasionally will have control of the option to draw or stand on 5.

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Playing the High
In Omaha-8, a flushed board means you can count on someone having the flush-often the nut flush, since suited aces are commonly played before the flop, Straights occur much more frequently, especially low straights. Low and middle sets get beaten all the time, and paired boards yield full houses much more often than W Texas. The biggest mistake that new players make in Ornaha-8 is to overvalue made hands and draws after the flop. They will bet and raise with hands that are strong now but unlikely to remain so, and they will call to draw to hands that are short of the nuts when they should fold. You will make the most profits when they play their mediocre hands to the showdown or make their second-best hands at the same time you make the nuts. Remember, the split action in Omaha-8 often produces multiple raisers.
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