Yin Yang Yo

For years pit bosses at casinos and gaming clubs around the world have dreamed of combining the popular appeal and excitement of online blackjack games with the diverse wagering of Online Baccarat Games. Many online blackjack games-Online Baccarat Games mutations have been devised over the years, but most have deservedly been forgotten, although a game has recently been introduced in certain casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City which really does capture the best elements of both games. At the present time, the rules of this new games have not been fully standardized, but its main structure (taken from a casino flyer) is given below:

Yin Yang "Yo-22" (Patent no. 5,072,946) There are four different bets-Yin, Yang, Yo, or the Flaming Flamingo.
Bet on which hand will come closest to 22, or if they will tie.
There are two opposing hands dealt, Yin and Yang, each receiving one card. The hand with the lowest value receives the next card until there is a Yo (a tie), or the Yin (silver) or Yang (gold) busts [goes over 22].
That's all there is to it.
Yin wins if the Yang hand goes over 22. Yang wins if the Yin hand goes over 22. [Yo wins 2-9 natural on the come-out or any other tie under 22.]
[Yo wins A-7 natural on the come-out or any other tie under 22.]
[The "come out" is defined as the first two cards dealt, one to each hand.]
Side bet: Flaming Flamingo-both hands tie on 22. [On a 22 tie, Yo loses, Yin and Yang push.]
[On a 22 tie, Yin, Yang and Yo push.]
Nonmatching face cards (K-Q, K-J, Q-J) on the come-out-all bets lose
[All other ties (10-A) on the come-out continue counting.] [All other ties (8-K) on the come-out continue counting.] Yin, Yang, and Yo pay 2-1 each. Side bet pays 55-1. Wager on any bet or combinations.
[Double payouts with two or more Bonus jokers on winning bet.]
[Double, triple, or quadruple payouts with two, three, or four bonus jokers on winning bet.]
[Everyone wins double on a Flaming Flamingo with two Bonus Jokers.]
[Everyone wins double, triple, or quadruple on a Flaming Pearl with two, three, or four Bonus Jokers.] [Main bet, $2r$200. Side bet, $1-$25]

This games has been increasingly popular since some casinos have adopted it. It is the first new games devised where players will actually desert the standard casino table games. Evidently its popular appeal has much to do with the not-overwhelming house edge, but it appears to make a great deal for the house also, as the pace of the games is extremely fast, which allows the casinos to take in faster action per hour. Its introduction to the American Indian and Riverboat casinos and the casinos of Great Britain is anticipated shortly.

Here are the Main Concrete Differences You Will Notice Between Texas and Omaha-8:
- The high hands that win in Omaha-8 are better than the hands that win in Texas. This is simply because each player has four starting cards instead of two. (It is often said that there are six Texas hands in every Omaha hand.)

- When drawing to a high hand, players must halve their effective pot odds if a low hand is possible. Omaha-8 pots are often bigger than Texas pots because of the additional action for the low pot. Even so, learning to fold high-hand draws in Omaha-8 that you would never fold in Texas is an important skill-perhaps the most important skill.

- Capped raises are more common in Omaha-8 because of the increased possibility of multiple players having strong hands for high or low. This can make it very expensive for players who draw dead or simply miss good draws.

- Ties are much more frequent in Omaha-8 than in Texas, especially for the nut low and for boards where the nut high is a straight. As a result, players often must decrease their pot odds by another half because of the chance that another player has the same two card ranks as they do and will split their half of the pot with them. This is called being quartered.
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