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February 1979

The best-ever long-lasting Online Blackjack Games rules in the world might have been those at the Olympos in Inchon, South Korea. February of 1979 is when I discovered them, but they had been in existence for some time.

You had a considerable number of options, and best of all is if you got five cards without busting, you could turn in your hand for a half win. Four decks were used, the dealer stood on soft seventeen, double down was allowed on any two cards including after splitting, you could late surrender on any number of cards except you could not surrender against an ace, 6-7-8 suited and 7-7-7 paid triple, aces could be resplit, penetration was good, and the maximum bet was high. Basic strategy gave you an edge of 0.4% at the Olympos. I first published these rules and the strategy index numbers for playing them in 1979 as part of Online Blackjack Games in Asia. This wonderful game lasted for many more years.

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The Rulers
Straight Omaha is played in high-only format. Because Omaha eight-or-better and pot-limit Omaha are both extremely popular variations, I'll spend almost as much time looking at those games as I will on limit Omaha high.

The rules about card distribution and betting rounds in hold'em are identical to Omaha, with one exception: In Omaha, each player is dealt four hole cards rather than two.

It might sound like an Omaha lesson only takes two minutes for a hold'em player, but there is one key difference that makes the game play out quite differently than hold'em.

In Omaha, you must use two, and exactly two, of your hole cards. This rule leads confusion to players accustomed to hold'em. Suppose, for example, that the board) K-K-Q-Q-10, and your Omaha hand is A-K-9-9. You do not have a full house, even 'though your king would give you a full house in hold'em (K-K-K-Q-Q). When you must play two, cards from your hand, the best five card hand you can assemble is A-K-K-K-Q: trip kings.
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