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A Risk-Averse basic Strategy
Multi-deck Online Blackjack Games is a game of non-random shuffles and biases. Our instructors, our students, and we have long recognized that today's games is not the games that was in place when Cantey, Baldwin, Maisel, and McDermott invented the basic strategy in 1958. Nor is it the games that was in place when Braun modified the basic strategy in the 1970s. All of the findings of Online Blackjack Games's pioneers were based on a game that no longer exists -a random games created by a computer.

You have learned in this page that card clumping affects your chances of winning and losing each hand, and therefore your chances of leaving each table a winner. Because of clumping arid its effect on a player's hand, the traditional basic strategy needs to be overhauled.

Our associates and We have developed a strategy we call Clump Card Strategy or CCS. CCS is a risk-averse strategy. Many double and split plays are devastating to the player. If you look at the math of the original basic strategy, 25 percent of all doubles and splits yield less than a 1 percent gain. Clumping virtually eliminates this gain, so when you double down or split on these plays for no real gain, you are courting disaster. There is no value, no gain, and no edge. So I am recommending that you become strongly disinclined or reluctant to make these plays-become risk averse!

CCS eliminates all doubles and splits that do not deliver a measurable advantage to the player. When using Online Blackjack Games's winning factors to enter a qualified games, you are starting out even with the casino when using CCS. All doubles and splits listed here deliver a 10 percent player expectation of winning.

Here are the changes to the basic strategy for the six- and eight deck shoe games, assuming you can double after splitting, you can respite pairs, and the dealer stands on soft 17.

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Cheating a Poker
I am hardly qualified to write about cheating at poker. My best credential is that my dad roomed in college for a time with Ricky Jay, perhaps the greatest card magician in the world (but not a cheater at cards, I must add) .'° After playing the game for several years, I have only a handful of anecdotal experiences with cheating, and most of the infractions have been relatively benign. What I can say on the topic is really just common knowledge, derived from conversations with other players, some light research ,'1 and a little imagination. But I will cover cheating briefly because it is immersed in mysticism, and a lot of beginning players are curious about it.
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