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Strategy-Ride the Bias
You're in a strong games with the dealer breaking much more than 28 percent-maybe even a "home run" games with the dealer breaking 550 percent of the time in the last shoe or two. It's time to step up the betting. You can use this strategy when you first sit down, or you can move up to it after winning six units or more-it's your choice, depending on the degree of risk you wish to take.

The name "Ride the Bias" means to bet according to how the players in this games did on the last hand. For example, if there are five players in your games, and three won on the last hand (including you), bet the difference in units-three winning players minus two losing players equals a one-unit bet. If four players win, including you, and one loses, bet three units. If all five win on a dealer break, for example, bet five units on the next hand

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Keep the Game Moving
This allows the action to continue around the table as you physically place your bet. There are only five possible actions in poker: you can check, bet, call, raise, or fold. When the action comes to you, just say one of these words. In a fixed-limit game, everyone knows exactly what these actions mean in terms of chips, because the amounts of bets and raises are fixed by the rules. Note that this expedited process is based on the rule that verbal declarations of intent are binding.

One more habit that will speed up the game: Keep your cards on the table and visible to other players while you are still in the hand. This reduces the chance that you will be skipped in the action because players don't realize that you are still in. You should also protect those hole cards by placing a chip or some other object on top of them.
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