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Insurance For Basic Strategy

Practically speaking, these refinements will not be enough to actually give you the upper hand in the overall games. The old axiom still remains true that you simply have to count at least some cards to be an out-and-out winner at Online Blackjack Games. But adding the concepts from this page to your basic strategy play can cut about 3/l0% off that last 1/2% advantage the casino holds over you. That in turn, will save you money and convert a few of your playing sessions from losers into winners.

This page then, is dedicated to the huge multitude of players wallowing in that vast gap between basic strategy and card counting -- who want more. The first fine-tuning technique described here won't come in handy very often in today's games, since it applies only to single deck play. But it's still a concept that should be understood by the "thinking" player. So let's get it spelled out right up front.

There's just one other player at the table and you have gotten a glimpse at his cards (which is easy to do)! Notice that there are no 10's among either of your hands. The point here is, it doesn't matter whether it's the first hand off the top of the deck, or you're thirty cards into it and haven't been paying attention to what's been played out. Either way, where you're concerned the dealer could have any one of 47 cards in the hole and 16 of them would be a 10. That's over one-third winners for you on a bet that pays 2-to-1 odds.

So get some Insurance money out there! You now have a 2.1% edge on the Insurance wager instead of the usual 5.9% single deck disadvantage. If you could see a third hand and that player held no 10's either, your Insurance edge would climb to 6.7%! This is how shifting odds can work in the player's favor. Don't be concerned about the cards that may have already gone by just because you don't know what they were. They're in exactly the same category as the cards still remaining in the deck; unknown! Even though your information may not be as complete as you'd like, any card you can't eliminate by having seen it must be considered available to be the dealer's hole card!

The following chart itemizes the single deck opportunities for profitable Insurance betting by a non-counting Online Blackjack Games player. Look them over. Should one of these situations pop up when you're at the table, take Insurance!

Look at the bottom row. If you can see four players hands including your own and there's no more than one 10 among them when the dealer's got an Ace up, take Insurance. That's because 35% of the unseen cards (15 out of 43) are 10'.s. Other than using the information above, it's true that a basic strategy player should simply forget the Insurance proposition exists.

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The utility of involuntary tells, on the other hand, is much more dubious at a home game. The reason is that the relatively low stakes of typical home games, combined with the social atmosphere and high blood alcohol levels, reduces the tension that underlies most involuntary tells. You could easily find yourself trying to read an opponent who cares more about who is going to get the last Guinness than the fact that he's holding the nut flush.
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