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Strategy Expectation

Using the K-O Preferred with the complete strategy matrix and a jump spread at the key count for betting, the performance is as follows. Notice the improvement over the Rookie system in all games.

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The Character of the Game
This kind of game is typical of low-limit poker, including most home games, even among competent players.

If there are a few loose-aggressive players at a generally loose table, they will raise and re-raise each other, not necessarily out of sound strategy but to make the pot bigger and make the game more exciting. These players often lose a lot of money, but their behavior will amplify the effect of the aforementioned randomization and increase the magnitude of the swings.

Loose play is contagious, in that the presence of a loose player tends to loosen up the other players.

Another less-documented phenomenon is that passive play can be contagious. Passive players tend to be unresponsive to stimuli, and if they want to call, they will call whatever bet comes to them. This makes raises by aggressive players less effective at thinning the field, which discourages those players from raising. Players who aggressively raise at a passive table usually increase the size of their swings much more than the size of their profits, a dilemma frequently decried by players who, oblivious to the irony, blame their losses on the failure of their opponents to play properly.
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