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Mathemattically Most Advantageous

In the games of casino Online Blackjack Games you can be dealt 340 different basic hand situations. When you have 13 and the dealer shows a 6, that's a hand situation. 16 against a 10 up is another.

About a hundred of these hand situations play themselves. By that I mean, nobody with two brain cells to rub together needs to be told how to play them -- they're automatic. Some of these no-brainers are when you've been dealt a total of 5 against the dealer's face-card, or a 19 against a 4 up. A genius and a moron would both play these hands the same way.

The other two hundred and some odd hands however are more debatable. How about when you have a pair of 6'.s and the dealer shows a 3? Should you split the 6's - take a hit - or just stand with 12? Questions like these should not be answered intuitively, because they're really a matter of mathematics. Unlike some card games such as online poker games, casino Online Blackjack Games playing strategy is entirely devoid of psychology.

Every day, thousands upon thousands of gamblers throw their money away at the Online Blackjack Games tables when they "wing" it by trying to infuse their own personalized logic into the play of their hands. And it's so unnecessary, because all the right plays have already been determined.

It has been calculated, simulated, refined and re-refined with computers since the late 1950's. Modern basic strategy was developed by first removing the 3 combined cards that make up the player's starting hand and the dealer's up-card from the "imaginary" deck. Then, every combination of cards that can be drawn for each way to play that hand was calculated and evaluated, indicating the most efficient play. Later, billions of computer simulated hands were run, verifying and refining the accuracy of those earlier calculations. Out of all that was born the correct basic strategy of play. With it, the casino's edge over you in a typical multi-deck Online Blackjack Gamess would be just about 1/2%. With fewer decks, it would be smaller yet. In a few rare single deck games, a perfect basic strategy player has no disadvantage at all. (See "Rule Variations" at the end of this page).

Without the basic strategy, Online Blackjack Games would just be another casino table games that has the player hopelessly outgunned. But fortunately, "21" is complex enough that most players make plenty of mistakes with their hands, and that's where the bulk of the casino's profit comes from. This is what enables the house to continue offering a game in which they'd have almost no edge if you played all your hands correctly.

For a stark "newbie" at Online Blackjack Games however, playing every single hand correctly can be a pretty tall order. Memorizing a complex looking chart full of 270 multi-colored squares can become bewildering. For them a few sound basics might be fine; the small details can come later.

If that sounds like you, there is something simpler than jumping right into the complete basic strategy. It's called "The Online Blackjack Games Starter Kit". It condenses the entire basic strategy down to just seven fundamental rules. Mind you however that;

Most of the trickier plays have been ignored in the interest of simplicity. But by using these fundamentals, you'll still be playing most of your hands accurately and you'll be approaching the games alono the right lines. When the time comes that you want more information, your transition to the complete basic strategy should be a smooth one.

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The Character of the Game
The participants will be selective in the hands they play, because they will not allow themselves to part with their chips when they don't have some kind of angle to an advantage. When they are in a hand, they will not hesitate to raise and re-raise if they determine that it will help them shape the hand to their benefit.

At a loose table, players will call with many more starting hands. As a result of the large number of hands in the game, good starting hands will hold up much less often, and the luck of the draw will have a bigger effect on short-term results-although the long term expectation for a good player can be much higher. This kind of game is typical of low-limit poker, including most home games, even among competent players.
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