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As you can see, greater spreads correspond to greater profits. Unfortunately, you may not be able to get away with highly profitable bet spreads for long. Moving wagers directly from 1 unit to 5 units in hand-held games and 1 to 10 in shoes is about the outside limit for bet variation unless you have a very good "act." And even at these levels, casinos may soon identify you as a winning player and take action to limit your effectiveness. You may even be barred from playing altogether.

Even at less-profitable spreads, however, K-O Rookie will get you close to breakeven or better. It's highly unlikely that anyone will atop you from going 1-2 in hand-held or 1-5 in shoe games. Even with these modest bet variations, you're no longer the underdog. You can play Online Blackjack Games with an expectation of making money.

Remember, there are no strategy plays to learn; this betting method and basic strategy represent the complete Rookie version of the Knock-Out system. Casual players may not want to go any further.

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The requirement for two bets would decrease their pot odds from what it would have been if Player A had bet once right out and would thus give them more reason to fold. Second, a check-raise will probably extract two bets out of Player B and any other callers, whereas if Player A had bet when he first acted, these players would have only called that one bet. Thus, check-raising is a valid tactic when you have a pointed desire to
(I) force out opponents on draws, or
(2) increase the size of the pot or both.

Just remember that check – raising entails risk. If have a strong hand and check with the intention of raising later, you are counting on a subsequent player to bet. If no one takes the bait, the betting will check around, and you won’t have a change to raise.
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