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Strategic indices

Thus the chance of the dealer havng a fve as down card and then drawng another fve to t s 1/9 X 8/14 X 3/35. Smlarly the dealer's chance of endng up wth (A,2,2,2) becomes
1/9 X 8/14X 3/35 X 7/13 X 2/34.

have programmed the computer to do just ths sort of reprobablizng of Online Blackjack Games hands to reflect the alteratons n lkelhood assocated with knowledge of a card countng system's parameters. The exact soluton to our 15 card, sx ten subset s a bt surprsng: drawng s preferable to standng by -.5491 to -.5502. t s ths sort of procedure whch was used to verfy the shfts n crtcal Ten Count standng numbers n the prevous table. Such a method can also be used to analyze other pont count systems, although the probablstc subroutne s a bt more complcated. [B]

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Poker Lore
The old rule that tells you "if you play on fifth street, you should stay through the river" has probably had fewer dramatic cases of reinforcement than were found at the final table of the $500 buy-in Seven-Card Stud Championship at the 2002 Tournament of Champions. I started with (44-2Ay S*, and by sixth street had a pair of twos, a flu draw, and a straight draw.
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