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Basic Strategy

For those new to the game, the basic strategy as presented may seem a bit intimidating. As such, we've boiled down the rules to a simplified set for novices. While the simplified set is sufficient for casual play, the simplification does come at the expense of power. For a typical game, using! the simplified basic strategy costs you an extra 0.35'1c, compared to our generic basic strategy expectation. Thus, in a benchmark 6 deck game, your expectation would be roughly -0.90%, still an expected payback in excess of 99%, which is better than almost any other game you can play in a casino.

Free Cards
This tactic is used most commonly in Hold'em games, because the fixed rotation of the betting allows you to know when you will be last to act. You can try it even when you are not acting last, but you have to be pretty sure that your raise on the flop will "buy the button," that is, force players behind you to fold, giving you the ability to act last on the next betting round. The free card principle can be applied in Stud, but only if you are fairly sure that you will be last to act on fifth street, such as when the player to your left is showing a pair or something like AK on fourth street.

Beyond pure economics, this play has value from its inherent deception. But the free card tactic carries risk. If the opening bettor has a particularly strong hand, he might re-raise you on the flop. Or if the turn card really helps him or another player, one of them could open, which would negate your ability to see the river for free. By raising on the flop with your draw, you are taking a chance that neither of these will happen.
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