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it turns out to be feasible to calculate exact basic strategy expectation for many subsets so long as they contain relatively few cards. (it takes 40 times as much computer time to analyze an ideal 26 card subset, two cards of each denomination, as it does to treat a 13 card remainder consisting of one card of each denomination.) To avoid running out of cards, i prohibit resplitting of pairs, but otherwise assume a total-dependent basic strategy for the Las Vegas strip games, for which the player's expectation is -.02% for a single deck and -.64% for eight decks (using single deck strategy). in the treatment of pair splits, only one of the two hands was evaluated and the resultant expectation was doubled. This surely introduces some distortion as there undoubtedly ire some subsets, particularly ten card ones, for which resolution of all possible hands before running out of cards was not guaranteed. This bias does not appear important, hoiver, since the average expectation of all 1000 ten card subsets was insignificantly different from the theoretical values in both one and eight decks.

Certain points are worth remarking upon: (a) the correlation betien linear estimation and actual expectation is uniformly better for ordinary Online Blackjack Games than for the Woolworth games. This suggests i can use the Woolworth figures at other deck levels as a loir bound for the actual Online Blackjack Games correlation in the unsampled cases; (b) The UNLL i estimate of opportunity is very satisfactory; (c) the player is distinctly more likely to encounter a favorable set of cards than an unfavorable one. in the sampled region of the deck the player has a positive expectation roughly 60% of the time, averaging about +4%. This is balanced by a 40% chance of a disadvantage, averaging -6%.

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Free Cards
Beyond pure economics, this play has value from its inherent deception. But the free card tactic carries risk. If the opening bettor has a particularly strong hand, he might re-raise you on the flop. Or if the turn card really helps him or another player, one of them could open, which would negate your ability to see the river for free. By raising on the flop with your draw, you are taking a chance that neither of these will happen.
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