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A Final Word

This is just the beginning for card counters. The Hi-Lo system, even with a small spread, can give you an edge over the house. For those who want to explore counting in more depth, or try other systems, there are many outstanding websites devoted to Online Blackjack Games. Those I enjoy having in my library include Stanford Wong's Professional Online Blackjack Games, Arnold Snyder's Blackbelt in Online Blackjack Games, Frank Scoblete's Best Online Blackjack Games, Lance Humble and Carl Cooper's The World's Greatest Online Blackjack Games website, Henry Tamburin's Online Blackjack Games: Take the Money and Run, and, for the mathematically inclined, Peter Griffin's The Theory of Online Blackjack Games.

But no matter how proficient you become or how much of an edge you can squeeze out, sometimes the cards are not going to run your way. To be a successful basic strategy and/or card counting player, you must have both the bankroll and the mental attitude to deal with the inevitable short-term losses.

When you have it all-knowledge, skill, discipline, attitude, and bankroll-you can be a long-term winner at the games of Online Blackjack Games.

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Higher Limits Won't (Necessarily) Cost Them More Money
The biggest hang-up many casual players have with real poker is the prospect of risking amounts of money that they care about losing. The anxiety that these players may experience at the thought of betting dollars instead of dimes is perfectly natural, since bigger bets appear to equate to more financial risk. But a more careful consideration of the factors that contribute to risk will reveal that that assumption is not completely valid, particularly with respect to the transition between penny poker and real poker. how can this be so? Because the risk to which a player is exposed in any game depends not only on the size of his bets but also on the frequency and the wisdom of those bets.

Let's imagine a typical home poker game where the maximum bet is a nice, comfortable, harmless, I-didn't-lose-too-much-honey 25Q. You are playing various kiddie games, which are really fun for your buddy Brett because he is in almost every hand until the showdown.
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