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Okay, we know that keeping track of cards already played tells us about hands yet to come. But to make use of this information, we need to know which cards are beneficial to us as players, and which cards are not. Once we know this, tracking the cards played will tell us when the remaining deck is to our liking. Ultimately, we will bet small when the remaining deck is unsavory, and bet big when it's juicy. Anyone hungry yet?

To help determine which cards are good for us and which are bad, we must consider the rules of the games and the difference in playing strategies between a basic strategy player and a dealer employing the house rules. A lot can be gleaned from this comparison; there are several factors at work that show why it's important to be able to distinguish between decks made up of predominantly high cards and decks made up of predominantly low cards:

1. The payoff structure, for naturals favors the player.
When the remaining deck has an excess of aces and tens, you're more likely to be dealt a natural. This fact favors the player. Although the dealer is always as likely as we are to receive a Online Blackjack Games, our two-card 21 is paid at a premium. Imagine a game in which there is at least one natural guaranteed to show each hand; that is, on each deal the player and/ or dealer will have a Online Blackjack Games. Let's suppose we are betting $20 a hand. When we and the dealer get a Online Blackjack Games, we push and no money changes hands. When the dealer has a natural and we don't, we lose 520. But when we have a natural and the dealer doesn't, we win S30 because our Online Blackjack Games pays 3 to 2. We come out far ahead overall.

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Perilous Play
You need to have five cards in your hand to collect a pot and you should insist that your opponents do, too. Even though someone who shows three kings can beat your two pair, he must show his other two cards. This rule was developed to help protect players from cheaters who might have concealed cards up their sleeves: A cheat who slipped an extra ace of spades into his hand won't want to show it if you hold the ace of spades in yours!
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