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Altering Bets

No matter what denomination chips the player is, comfortable with, the betting method remains the same, so it doesn't really matter whether the player is betting $1, $5, $25, or $100 casino chips. Our betting method will be described in units, rather than in cash amounts, to make the betting strategy simpler.

At the outset of play, before the first card is dealt out, the single deck is considered neutral. The deck is also considered Mutra2 when there is no plus or minus count during the course of play. For example, if the plus and minus cards balance out Completely, it's considered a neutral deck.

With a neutral deck, the bet consists of two units.
When the deck is unfavorable, that is, has a minus count, player will bet a minimum wager of one unit.
When the deck is slightly favorable, that is, either +1 or +2, the player will bet three units.
When the deck is more favorable, or 10-rich, at +3 or more, the player's bet will be four units. Sometimes the deck is super favorable, a +5 or higher, and there is a temptation to five, six, or more units.

This temptation has to be controlled, unless you have been winning all your previous bets and simply keep doubling up. But for a sudden move from two units to six units, you are tempting casino heat. This is usually the signal the casino needs to verify the fact that you are a card counter; their countermeasures will be swift and might include barring you from the casino.

Plus counts can be deceptive. A plus count of 2 on the first round of play is favorable for the player, but if more than half the deck is depleted, that plus 2 is even stronger and the player can bet more aggressively.

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The Inside Straight
For that reason, you should normally not get excited about hands that have only one way potential. The really good stud eight-or-better starting hands consist of three connected low cards. These hands can turn into good lows, good highs (even a hand like (5-2) 3 can quickly turn into trips), or, better still, good two-way hands like low straights or flushes.
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