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Becoming a Pro

A reader says: I am seriously considering becoming a professional Online Blackjack Games player. My present job pays well and is se-cure; however, the time required for it creates conflicts with things I want to do, and Online Blackjack Games could be the answer either by giving me more time each day or by leading to a possible earlier retirement.

My main concern is the following. Will casinos be-come either completely effective in stopping counters or make a very significant reduction in the counter's in-come?

There are a few dozen people who support them-selves entirely by playing Online Blackjack Games. So it is possible.

A big drawback to the professional Online Blackjack Games business is that there is a limit to the amount that professional players in aggregate can win from the casinos. In most businesses considerable expansion is possible; advertise more or open a new store and more sales dollars flow in. In Online Blackjack Games, however, more players playing with more skill can win more money for only a limited time. When the amounts won by skillful players become too heavy a burden to casinos, something must happen to reduce aggregate card-counter wins to an affordable amount. This "something" might be a rules change or a spate of barrings or cheating.

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The Inside Straight
For example, if you and an opponent each hold a five-card hand of 4-7-9-10-Q, and your cards are all spades while his are all diamonds, your hands have equal value. Assuming that no one else holds a better hand, you would split the pot.
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