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The Values

To take the value of a card-counting system further, we need to know exactly how much each card is worth. To determine this, we simulate a benchmark single-deck game using the basic strategy. We come up with an expectation of -0.02%.

We then simulate the same basic strategy in a single-deck game that has one card removed, for example a 2, and note the resulting expectation of +0.38%. Comparing the expectation of the two games gives us a measure of how valuable the 2 is. For this particular example, we find that removing the 2 is "worth" 0.40% to us.

We then repeat the process for each other card rank. In so doing, we can construct a table of the relative values of each card. (All values are changes in the expectation for the benchmark single-deck Online Blackjack Games game, assuming we are playing by the fixed generic basic strategy)

The table below gives the change in player's expectation that arises from removing a card of a certain denomination. For example, if we remove just one 5 from a single deck, the change in player's expectation is +0.67%. For our benchmark single-deck game (with an initial expectation of-0.02%), the "new," expectation, after removing the 5, is now +0.65%. On the other hand, removing a single ace changes the expectation by -0.59%.

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The Inside Straight
If your bet an the river goes uncalled, you should usually keep your hand a mystery. Why? You risk losing valuable "curiosity calls" if you routinely show uncalled hands. Most players hate the idea of being bluffed out of a pot and even if they think they're beaten, may call a bet on the end, just so they know for sure. If you get a reputation for showing your cards when you don't have to, players won't throw this practically hopeless money into your pots!
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